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Bridge the learning gap peoplelearn. bridge definition a bridge is structure that built over railway, river, to the gap between two people or things means. The senator tried to bridge the gap between the two versions of the bill.

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However, the Romanians aren’t scheduled to begin operations until Oct. 15, meaning there will be a roughly two-and. The unsigned letter goes on to say that “such an approach will bridge the gap”.

What does bridging the gap mean? This metaphorical expression means connecting two ideas or things that are very different or far apart. Example sentence : The new Wii Game System allows.

Bridge The Gap - Idioms - ESL British English Pronunciation A bridge loan is a type of short-term loan, typically. This could be context shifting in a literal sense, but it might also more broadly mean shifting between different types of. bridge a/the gap definition: to connect two things or to make the difference between them smaller: . Learn more. Meaning of bridge a/the gap in English.

Bridge the Gap Meaning Definition : To connect things in a logical way; to have qualities of two different things; to fill in a space between two things. Essentially, at its minimal meaning, bridge the gap means to diminish the differences between two things.

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